ABCO Transportation Drivers Log Two Million Miles on the Road

September 22, 2017

Where will two million miles take you? Oh the places you can go. A couple of ABCO Transportation, Inc. drivers recently logged two million miles on the road. It’s a milestone that comes from dedication and hard work behind the wheel.

Gary G. and Elton S., both based out of ABCO’s headquarters terminal in Ocala, FL, were applauded by the company. Elton’s career with ABCO began in 1998, however he has been driving OTR for 23 years. Gary joined ABCO in 2002, but has four decades of experience as an OTR driver.




ABCO driver Elton S. has driven 2 million miles for the company.


Elton S.        

  • Terminal: Ocala
  • Joined ABCO in 1998
  • Driving OTR for 23 years








Gary G. recently logged 2 million miles driving for ABCO.

Gary G.

  • Terminal: Ocala
  • Joined ABCO in 2002
  • Driving OTR for 40+ years








Driving On A Mission

In getting to two million miles the company calculates that drivers average 130,000 miles on the road per year. ABCO currently has several drivers trailing Gary and Elton in logging two million miles. Driver Luis C. has driven 1.9 million miles and is expected to turn over the odometer to two million miles by mid-2018. Christopher S. has logged 1.4 million miles on the road for ABCO. And there is a three-way tie at 1.3 million miles with drivers William M., Kenneth M., and Richard N.

“We are very proud to have drivers like Elton and Gary on our team. It is this kind of dedication and impeccable work ethic that has enabled ABCO to provide the very best customer service and become a leader in the transportation industry. Thank you both for your commitment to the company and for all you do each and every day,” said Rob Bowman, president of ABCO Transportation.

This is a tremendous accomplishment for the ABCO drivers and the hundreds of others on the road making sure goods are picked up and delivered to destinations in all points of the globe. It takes a dedicated driver to get behind the wheel day after day, with attention to detail and safety to cover those miles.

Wayne May, safety manager for ABCO, describes Gary as easygoing and likes to do a good job on the road. May describes Elton as somewhat of a perfectionist who “likes things to be just right.” Both traits are a positive for ABCO Transportation when it comes to good customer service skills and work ethic.

Where Will Two Million Miles Take You?

We thought it would be interesting to compare the scope of logging millions of miles behind the wheel of a commercial truck to better appreciate what it takes to get the job done.

How many times do you think you would have to drive around Earth to reach two million miles? Ok here comes your math problem! It is 25,000 miles around the circumference of the Earth. So it would take you 80 times to drive around the world to reach two million miles.

The trek across the US from east coast to west coast is approximately 2,800 miles. While that’s a lot of miles, try going the distance just over 714 times in order to log two million miles!

Check out what other fun facts we put to the two million mile test:



Take a look at how far 2-million miles will get you.

Ready to hit the road toward two million miles? If you don’t have your sights on going to the moon, walking billions of steps or laying dollar bills end to end, then driving for ABCO Transportation can position you to exceed other milestones.

Log Your Miles With ABCO

The team of dedicated drivers at ABCO Transportation are committed to providing excellent service to customers shipping temperature sensitive freight and other goods. ABCO has the capacity to serve customers located in 48 states. By covering that much territory, it’s easy to see how our drivers can log millions of miles individually. We are always looking for great drivers to join our team. Let us know if you need to use our refrigerated shipping services.