About ABCO Transportation and Our Refrigerated Trucks

Our Difference 

ABCO Transportation specializes in shipping truckload and temperature-sensitive freight, which must be handled in a safe manner from pickup to delivery. At ABCO, we have a solid commitment to safety and integrity and we are joined by a caring team of dedicated professionals who take pride in serving our customers and community. We have a fleet of refrigerated trucks designed specifically to meet any refrigerated need. Our vast network of transportation partnerships offers even greater coverage to our clients.

Our Technology

ABCO Transportation is a leader in the transportation industry, offering our customers the latest in technology to support our refrigerated trucks, while staying ahead of the changing demands of the marketplace. Thanks to our responsible, professional team and cutting-edge GPS mobile communication and mobile scanning devices, we are always ready to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Our History

ABCO Transportation has a long history as a trucking company specializing in the transportation of temperature-controlled freight. Founded in 1993, ABCO Transportation is known today as one of the top refrigerated trucking companies in America. We specialize in the transportation of floral stock and other highly perishable goods, but we also transport and deliver other dry goods, electronics and other high value freight.

Since we specialize in transporting temperature-sensitive freight, you can count on our knowledgeable professionals to ensure your freight is handled efficiently using the best routes. Our dedicated drivers have outstanding safety records and are trained in handling temperature-sensitive freight to keep the load at an optimal temperature throughout transit. You can trust your freight is in good hands. It’s what we do!

Our Partners

Through exclusive partnerships with R+L Carriers, Paramount Freight Systems and R+L Global, we can provide even greater coverage to meet your every shipping need. Our team of dedicated transportation professionals is ready to assist you with transporting your goods in our top-notch trucks, whether you require refrigerated trucks or other equipment. Get a quote and start the process!

Do You Want to Join ABCO Transportation?

Are you interested in becoming part of one of the greatest trucking companies in the U.S.? Head on over to DriveABCO.com to learn more about our current trucking job openings, as well as other opportunities!

Awards and Accolades

We’re not usually ones to toot our own horn, but we do like to share the various awards and accolades that we receive from clients, industry associations and others. It goes to show what great work our truck drivers and personnel do every single day.

Recent Awards

Best New Carrier of 2015 for the Southeast Region for the Southeast Region

Nestle Waters, the third largest non-alcoholic beverage company in the United States

Based on Key Performance Indicators such as transit and delivery times, as well as stellar customer service, ABCO was awarded the company’s Best New Carrier award. The award signals appreciation for a job well done and a desire to grow a long-term partnership.