Refrigerated Freight A Big Part of Easter

Refrigerated Freight Is a Big Part of Easter

March 10, 2016

Chocolates, eggs, flowers and a whole lot of jelly beans and marshmallow peeps are moving through the country this month in preparation for the Easter holiday.

Here at ABCO Transportation, we are well experienced in shipping refrigerated freight like chocolates, eggs, flowers and other candies. Our refrigerated trucks are a must for temperature-sensitive freight.

As the nation and world prepare to celebrate Easter on March 27 this year, it’s the trucking companies like ABCO that are making sure all these holiday essentials get where they need to be for purchase by consumers.

And make no mistake; there are plenty of Easter purchases being made. Last year, Easter spending was expected to reach about $16 billion and this year will likely be the same. Of that, $5.3 billion is spent on food, followed by $2.9 billion on clothing, $2.2 billion on candy and $1.1 billion on flowers.

Refrigerated Freight A Big Part of Easter

Consider the following Easter statistics:

  • 180 million is the number of eggs Americans are expected to purchase for dyeing and decorating for Easter.
  • 5 billion is the number of marshmallow Peeps that are estimated to be consumed around Easter, according to Just Born, the company that makes Peeps.
  • 16 billion is the number of jelly beans made for Easter.
  • 90 million is the number of chocolate bunnies made for Easter each year. By the way, 76 percent of people say the bunnies should be eaten ears first.
  • 120 million is the pounds of Easter candy purchased each year.

Shipping Chocolates

All those chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies are shipped on pallets in refrigerated trucks. During transport, chocolate has to remain at a consistent temperature. This ensures that the chocolates maintain their quality.

Shipping Flowers

When it comes to shipping fresh flowers, refrigerated trucks like our ABCO trucks are an essential part of the journey. Flowers require good airflow and certain temperatures to maintain their quality and freshness.

Shipping Eggs

Before eggs make it to the grocery store to be purchased for Easter decorating, they must be packaged for consumers, stored and transported under refrigeration at a surrounding temperature not to exceed 45 degrees. All of the packed eggs must also be labeled with a statement that refrigeration is required.

It is transportation companies like ABCO that help give America what it wants and needs for holidays like Easter. If you’re looking for a company to transport your temperature-sensitive freight, contact us today.